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Easy-to-use yet powerful features make SSPro® the leader in computer monitoring software used by both parents and businesses!

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Why Parents Choose SSPro®

  • Safe monitoring of children's Internet usage
  • Email alerts when inappropriate content is viewed
  • Place usage limits on programs
  • Learn of behavioral warning signs
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Why Businesses Prefer SSPro®

  • Monitoring employee productivity
  • Trusted solution for control of computer resources
  • Determine if trade secrets are being shared
  • Learn of inappropriate correspondence
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Websites Visited & Online Searches

See what websites have been visited and block objectionable web pages.

Monitor File Activity

Track file and folder deletions as well as other document related events.

Chat Conversations

Keep track of chat sessions and block unwanted IM content.

Track Program Usage

View start & stop times of applications and limit which programs can run and for how long.

Keystroke Logging

Capture keystrokes and view them in the context in which they where typed.

Capture Screenshots

View screenshots of entire desktop and play them back in movie mode.

Program Limits & Blocking

Block or set usage limits for specific programs. Configure for all users or only individual logins.

Network Configurable

View logged activity from multiple network installations at one location.

Remote Activity Viewing

Automatically have log files sent off-site for remote activity viewing.

Receive Email Alerts & Screenshots

Receive alert emails with screenshots that notify you when specific events occur.

Parental Control Software

Parents are aware of the need to protect their children from harmful online content and SSPro gives them the tools they need. With SSPro's advanced parental control features users can: filter websites based on content, keywords or website address; block instant messages when various content or keywords are encountered; set usage-limits on web browser and instant message use; receive email alerts when various events occur; have logs, screenshots sent offsite via email for remote viewing, and much more!

Business Computer Monitoring Software

SSPro was designed with businesses and large organizations in mind. As such, SSPro features a rich set of computer monitoring tools employers can utilize to help ensure their employees are using company computer resources wisely. Whether the need is for keystroke logging to verify employee productiveness, or website filtering to limit browsing to specific websites, SSPro addresses the needs of the employer. In addition, with SSPro users can monitor several computers from one location and all data is organized according to machine, user and date for easy viewing. To help satisfy corporate compliance requirements, SSPro also includes a variety of user warning features and startup options.

Powerful features such as website activity monitoring, program & instant message monitoring and keystroke logging are the reasons SSPro is the most widely used computer monitoring software on the market today!

Please Note: Use of this software for the illegal monitoring of others can place users in severe legal jeopardy. In certain locales such illegal use may include, but is not limited to, installing this software on machines you do not own, monitoring spouses without their knowledge, using this software for criminal financial gain, using this software to engage in "identity theft", using this software to engage in acts of "stalking" or otherwise violating any existing state or federal laws regarding the use of such monitoring software. Consult legal counsel should you have any questions as to the use of the Software under your specific circumstances. For more information, please see notices on the following page: Download Notices

Website Monitoring

Viewing website activity can really tell the story of what a child is doing online. Web searches, social networking websites and email websites can paint a picture of a child's surfing habits and SSPro's website monitoring feature captures more detail than any other monitoring program on the market. SSPro will display the machine, user, website address and time of access but it goes way beyond this.

  • Websites are logged in real-time, all major webbrowsers are supported
  • View time accessed, page titles, possible user web searches and more
  • View activity statistics such as total visits per page or domain
  • Receive alerts when certain content is detected in a visited web page
  • Configure advanced screenshot monitoring or page/domain blocking
  • Perform advanced searches on website data (available for all log types)

Instant Message Logging

It seems everyone is communicating online with instant message/chat programs these days. These easy-to-use chat programs can provide benefits to both home and business users. However, the reality is that these programs can present risks as well. Many business owners are concerned that their employees might be sending inappropriate messages to co-workers or that they are spending too much time chatting online with friends. As recent T.V. shows have illustrated, parents are justifiably worried that unknown adults may be attempting to communicate with their children online. SSPro's instant message monitoring features address these issues.

  • Supports logging of both sides of most popular chat programs
  • View chat program type, keywords and start / end times of chat sessions
  • Logged data neatly organized by computer, user and date (all log types)
  • Receive alerts when user-defined or adult-related keywords are present
  • Block chat sessions when user-defined or adult-related keywords are present
  • Program limit options allow for chat program usage control

Keystroke Logging

Capturing keystrokes is one of SSPro's most powerful features. Whether typed into emails, entered as web searches, or typed into any other program, SSPro's keystroke logging module logs each keystroke in real-time. What's more, with SSPro's unique keyword alert feature, users can be notified via email the moment a particular keyword is encountered, which can be ideal for monitoring the occurrence of certain names and topics.

  • Record keystrokes entered into websites, programs, chat and more
  • View data in a formatted view or with control keys (e.g. backspace, up-arrow)
  • View performance statistics such as total keystrokes and keystrokes / minute
  • Receive alerts when user-defined or adult-related keywords are typed
  • Screenshot mini-viewer provides additional confirmation of keystrokes typed
  • Print or export data in text, html or PDF format (available for all log types)

Program Logging

Of particular importance to business owners and IT departments is the ability to monitor the programs that are installed and used on their employee's computers. SSPro's program monitoring features have become an invaluable tool in this regard.

SSPro's program monitoring features allow users to see what programs were run, when they were run, by whom and for how long. Users can even choose to be alerted via email when certain programs are launched. And while some monitoring programs indiscriminately monitor all running applications, which can impact system performance, only SSPro allows users to exclude "system" level programs from being monitored.

  • Log both 32-bit and 64-bit applications
  • See when programs were run and search entries for specific program titles
  • View program statistics such as run duration and related keystrokes
  • Setup advanced screenshot monitoring when specific programs are running
  • Configure program usage limits for individual logins or all users
  • Receive email notification alerts when specific programs are started

File Event Monitoring

Business users understand that keeping track of who is accessing or deleting files and folders on their networks can be very important. This includes the unauthorized copying of data to and from USB flash drives. Parents often want to know if their kids are downloading movies and other media files. SSPro handles these needs with its file monitoring feature.

  • Log file and folder events (added, deleted, changed, renamed)
  • Automatically monitor USB drives when they are attached
  • File events conveniently grouped by event and file type
  • Quickly view specific file type groups (e.g. movie files, image files)
  • Statistics show totals for specific file events
  • Easily exclude folders and file types from unnecessary logging


No PC monitoring solution would be complete without screenshot support and SSPro's is simply the best. No other program boasts this number of screenshot features nor the extent to which they are integrated into the overall monitoring solution. SSPro's screenshot features include:

  • Supports screenshots for computers with multiple monitors
  • Record screenshots with interval based settings (e.g. every 5 seconds)
  • Record screenshots upon specific events (e.g. website visited, mouse-click)
  • Use hot-keys for on-demand screenshots
  • Have screenshots emailed at regular intervals
  • Auto-Tag screenshots with descriptive data

Website Filtering

Many monitoring programs only offer a limited number of filtering features or no such features at all. SSPro combines its web monitoring features with powerful filtering technology. Users can block websites using 3 main features which include:

  • Use built-in adult-keyword list or your keywords for website blocking
  • Create entire website blocking lists to control website access
  • Use blocking lists to limit all website access except for those allowed
  • Receive alerts when attempted access to blocked website occurs
  • Trigger screenshots when attempted access to blocked website occurs
  • Includes advanced screenshot presets for social networking sites like Facebook

Program Blocking

With many parents away from the family computer for much of the day, it's important that their computer usage rules be enforced. In addition many employers wish to prevent their employees from using certain programs entirely. These needs make SSPro's program blocking feature one if its most utilized.

  • Block or limit use of programs for specific logins or all users
  • Numerous presets for common programs (games, chat, browsers and more)
  • Ability to block all use or allow a specific number of minutes a day
  • Display optional alert message to user when program is blocked
  • Designate individual usage counters or a common, shared counter
  • Supports Windows domain-based login accounts

Email Log Delivery

We understand that the ability to view logged data from any location is crucial to most users. Whether the need is to view logged activity from work, on the road, or from across the country, SSPro's email log delivery feature gets the job done. This very flexible feature allows users to:

  • Receive entire log files via email for off-site viewing
  • Use either SSPro's internal email engine or your own SMTP settings
  • All common SMTP options supported including SSL
  • Numerous send options including interval based, schedule and event sending
  • Password protect delivery to help ensure log file protection
  • Option to clear the log file after sending if not needed on the remote machine

Networked Computer Monitoring

Another powerful SSPro feature is its ability to centralize logged data for multiple machines. While other companies require customers to purchase expensive "business only" versions of their software, only SSPro gives this feature to all users for free.

  • View data from multiple installations from one single location
  • Connect to laptops on-demand when they return to the network
  • Manage data at the machine, user and data type levels
  • Configure single installation to handle emailing of all log files
  • Use existing Windows-based credentials to help secure data access
  • Use import / export list features to quickly setup multiple installations

Additional PC Monitoring Features

Monitoring Schedule

Sometimes monitoring is not needed for every hour of the day and we understand that. SSPro's flexible interface provides an easy method for selecting only those hours of the day for which you wish to have monitoring turned on. A handy feature for logging data only after the kids get home from school or for logging employee activity at all times except for when they are on authorized personal breaks.

Selective Startup

Additionally, while many users wish to have their computers monitored, they may not want to have their personal Windows account actively logged. SSPro provides for this by displaying a list of Windows login names that can be individually selected for exclusion from monitoring.

In a networked/Windows domain environment SSPro will query any available domain controllers for all possible login accounts so that even those accounts not currently listed on the machine can be excluded from future monitoring. A very useful feature for excluding certain "Administrator" level accounts which do not require monitoring.

User Alerts

Notifying those using the computer that they are being monitored is a requirement under the "Software License Agreement". To help satisfy this requirement SSPro provides two features; one is a warning screen that appears when a monitored user logs into their Windows account and another is an icon placed in the Windows system tray (these features are enabled by default). Users should not rely solely on these notification features and it is strongly advised that companies have a written, employee accepted, policy that includes the fact that all computer activity, both business and personal, is subject to monitoring if it occurs on the machine on which the software is installed.

Please Note: Use of this software for the illegal monitoring of others can place users in severe legal jeopardy. In certain locales such illegal use may include, but is not limited to, installing this software on machines you do not own, monitoring spouses without their knowledge, using this software for criminal financial gain, using this software to engage in "identity theft", using this software to engage in acts of "stalking" or otherwise violating any existing state or federal laws regarding the use of such monitoring software. Consult legal counsel should you have any questions as to the use of the Software under your specific circumstances. For more information, please see notices on the following page: Download Notices
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System Surveillance Pro is the award winning PC monitoring product from Golden Plains Software. Available since 2002, SSPro has been downloaded and used by over a million users to-date. Our software has been purchased by businesses both large and small, libraries, schools and government agencies not to mention countless concerned parents. We're proud to showcase some of the awards we've received over the years.

Best Keystroke logger

Over the years we have attracted many loyal users some of whom have posted the following reviews about System Surveillance Pro on some of our partner sites. (names withheld due to privacy considerations and availability)

"VERY simple to use and does the job as advertised. All monitoring features worked flawlessly and as expected. ...Overall very satisfied. Good tool for the experienced computer user and novices like myself."

"VERY simple to use and does the job as advertised. All monitoring features worked flawlessly and as expected. ...Overall very satisfied. Good tool for the experienced computer user and novices like myself."

"I currently use this version and the previous 4.8 and it keeps getting better. I run 2 small book stores and have this running all the time. I'd rather have my people working then surfing online all day long."

"This program saved my family! Without going into too much detail, just knowing what was going on has really opened my eyes. "Trust but Verify"

"I can go anywhere and check up on it."

"Firstly, I love the fact that it monitors when you want it to... Secondly, that my children can't access it, and that I can still have a say about when they do access the net, even when I'm not there physically. And third, there can be NO lies about what they've all been doing in my absence"

"Look no further this is the one you want. From monitoring to blocking to emailing reports, I was very impressed with all it's capabilities. No other program seemed to have all the features this one did (description doesn't do it justice). I expected a simple monitoring program but found much more."

"I tried a few of these types of programs and found this one the best. What made my decision easier was the fact that this one had a fully functional trial period without any annoying pop-ups like some of the others."

"This is the absolute best! I can't believe that I can now see everything that's going on. Great software to block websites especially porn related websites. Have it installed on all my home computers. Great help files on their website for setting it up and configuring settings but it is pretty much straight forward."

"Your program is extremely useful to me as a way to archive what I type and the websites I've visited. It's an easy way of keeping track of what I was doing during a given day without having to write everything down."

"Very helpful for monitoring children/teenager activities to ensure they are not getting in bad situations. The only limitation on the trial was the time limit, which is very helpful for reviewing a product prior to buying. Very happy with product - definitely recommend it."

"Definitely a 5 star program. I use it mostly to monitor my children when I'm at work at night. Can't be too safe these days with so many bad elements on the Net."

"This one does it all, from keystrokes, to websites, to instant messages. I never miss what's going on. Best one I've tried."

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Requirements for PCs running System Surveillance Pro:

  • 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003
  • 32-bit and 64-bit monitoring included with single installation
  • 1.6 GHz CPU or faster
  • 1 GB ram
  • 20 MB available for installation - after install additional space may be needed for data.

Requirements for network based monitoring:

  • Central disk location with read/write permisions to receive log files and screenshots.

Supported Chat and Web Browsers:

  • Web Monitoring: Edge, Internet Explorer, AOL browsers, FireFox, Chrome, and Opera
  • Chat Monitoring: Skype, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, AOL

To receive and send email alerts and screenshots users must have an active SMTP / POP3 mail account. Users should be aware that firewall settings may need to be adjusted for email features to function properly.

Microsoft';s Active Accessibility (MSAA) feature is required for proper functionality. This feature is usually installed by default on most systems. If it is not, it can be downloaded from the following link: MSAA on

Skypetm is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. AIMtm and AOL are trademarks of the America Online Corporation. Yahootm is a trademark of Yahoo, Inc. SSPro may not be compatible with all chat programs or all future versions of those programs or other existing applications on the installed computer. While SSPro is very accurate it may not record all chat conversations, programs run, keystrokes or websites visited. Users may only install SSPro on computers they own. Other users should be informed of the presence of SSPro.