Download SSPro 2017 Computer Monitoring Software

Download and try a fully functional version of the SSPro® 2017 computer monitoring software

Computer Monitoring Software

This fully functional version of the SSPro® computer activity monitoring software is free for you to use for up to 7 days (registered version does not have expiration date). We’re confident you’ll find it the most comprehensive and easy to use computer monitoring software on the market today.

SSPro® is the safe and trusted monitoring solution for those concerned about PC usage and can be installed and configured in less than a few minutes.

Please review our Antivirus & Firewall Configuration Tutorials

New Version includes support for Windows 10 Creators Update


Existing SSPro users please read upgrade information below

If you have purchased SSPro within the past 6 months or have previously purchased Upgrade Assurance you can contact for a free version 9.4 license. For other existing users of SSPro, upgrade licenses can be purchased at a discounted price via the folloiwng link: License Upgrade

Installation requires "Administrator" level privileges. Please review the minimum system requirements and security configuration help file and the software license agreement and refund policy before installing SSPro.

Please Note: Use of this software for the illegal monitoring of others can place users in severe legal jeopardy. In certain locales such illegal use may include, but is not limited to, installing this software on machines you do not own, monitoring spouses without their knowledge, using this software for criminal financial gain, using this software to engage in "identity theft", using this software to engage in acts of "stalking" or otherwise violating any existing state or federal laws regarding the use of such monitoring software. Consult legal counsel should you have any questions as to the use of the Software under your specific circumstances. For more information, please see notices on the following page: Download Notices