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Installation Tips for McAfee Internet Security / Total Protection Anti-Virus Users

McAfee Anti-Virus users should be aware that McAfee routinely flags PC monitoring programs such as System Surveillance Pro as "Potentially Unwanted Programs or PUPs". This is due to the types of information the program logs (keystrokes, websites, etc). Typically, these and other security related software programs provide their users with the ability to exclude SSPro from future scanning. You may also be given the option to exclude SSPro from future scans when you first attempt to download and install SSPro.

McAfee users can take the following steps during or after they attempt to install SSPro (see disclaimer below):

1. During the installation of SSPro you may receive one or more of the alerts shown below from your McAfee product. You should select "Allow" to each of these messages which will add SSPro to McAfee's "Trusted Items" list. Once added to this list McAfee should no longer interfere with SSPro's functions. Note that you may receive a few of these messages during the installation and will need to select "Allow" for each of them. (click on images below to enlarge)

2. If you've already installed SSPro and at some point you receive a message like the one below when you attempt to log into the program you will need to take certain steps to add SSPro to McAfee's "Trusted Items" list. You will want to first check to see if SSPro has already been quarantined by McAfee. See step 3 below.

3. Click the "Navigation" link in the upper-right corner of McAfee and then scroll down and click the "Quarantined And Trusted Items" link. Expand the "Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs" section. If you see an entry for "Spyware - SystemSurveillance" selected it and click the "Restore" button and continue to step 4. If you do not see an entry for "Spyware - SystemSurveillance" in this area still continue on to step 4 below.


4. To be able to add SSPro to McAfee's "Trusted Items" list you will need to let McAfee re-detect it. The easiest way to do this is to run a McAfee "Quick Scan". Following McAfee's detection of SSPro McAfee will give you the opportunity to "Trust" SSPro thereby adding it to the "Trusted Items" list. See images below.




Your specific McAfee product may differ slightly and your exact steps to accomplish the above may be different on your machine but the basic principle is the same.

Important Disclaimer

Please note that although we provide this information to assist SSPro users, we are not the producers of McAfee products and therefore do not have control of their detection, quarantine or removal policies.

In general we recommend that users contact McAfee product support for answers to specific exclusion related questions including the accuracy of their signature based exclusions list, the impact of specific file or signature based exclusions and general product functionality.

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