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Q: How can I obtain an SMTP account for sending log files and alerts?

A: SSPro provides users with two configurations options for the sending of log files, screenshots and alerts via SMTP. Users can either use their own SMTP server settings or SSPro's "Internal SMTP Engine" (ISE) option. For specific SMTP server settings, contact your ISP or email service as they typically provide their users this information on their websites. Such settings would be the same ones used to setup other email enabled programs such as MS Outlook or similar.

As an example, the Gmail email service provides their users such settings which we have included below (replace "" with your actual Gmail address)*:

From email:
To email:
SMTP Server:
Port: 465

For Authentication select the SMTP Authentication and SSL options

For more information, please see:

*Note that free email services such as Gmail have been known to arbitrarily block or filter emails it thinks may be spam due to their content, subject line or frequency of arrival. Therefore if you have SSPro configured to email a screen snapshot every minute, Gmail could start to filter those emails. This is common among the various free email services such as Gmail.

As an alternative you can use SSPro's Internal SMTP Engine option. When using this option users typically only need to fill in a "To" and "From" email address fields. While the ISE option is simpler to configure, many email services will not accept direct SMTP email connections in this manner. In those cases we recommend using specific server settings. For more information please see the : Email Setup Guide