Installation & First Run

SSPro can be downloaded from the following location: SSPro Download Page. Please note that you may need to enable "popups" in your web browser in order for the download window to appear.

After downloading the installation file double click the setup file to begin the installation process.

Please note that SSPro uses an "Internet" based file installation system which typically results in faster installs. If you are prompted by your firewall software to allow SSPro to access the Internet you should allow it to do so.

In addition we recommend that users review the antivirus configuration tutorials on our site if they encounter any issues with their particular antivirus product.
Many antivirus programs flag PC monitoring programs as "security risks" due to the types of data they log (keystrokes, websites, etc) and may interfere with the installation process. Often such antivirus programs provide their users with methods to exclude SSPro from future interference. For more information, please see: Antivirus Configuration Information

On the last step of the installation you will be given an option to install program menu shortcuts. These shortcuts can be removed at any time from within SSPro's settings area.


After installation SSPro can be launched several different ways. If the option to install program menu shortcuts was selected then users can use option 1 shown below. If shortcuts were not installed SSPro can be launched via the Windows Start-Run command box (options 2 & 3 on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 6 and 10) or by the Windows search box (option 4, 5 and 6 for Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10).

If shortcuts were installed (option 1):                If shortcuts were not installed. WinXP (option 2):
Shortcuts not installed. Vista / Windows 7 (option 3):                Shortcuts not installed. Vista / Windows 7 (option 4):
Shortcuts not installed. Windows 8 (option 5):                Shortcuts not installed. Windows 8 (option 6):
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When you run SSPro for the first time you will be guided through a setup wizard. For most users, we suggest that you accept the default settings. Upon completion of the wizard you will be given the option to begin monitoring activity.


Click the "Start Monitoring" button from within SSPro to start monitoring activity. You may have already started monitoring if you selected this option at the completion of the setup wizard. Once SSPro is in monitoring mode, you can exit the program. SSPro will continue to work in the background. To stop SSPro, simply click the "Stop Monitoring" button. A small icon at the bottom left corner of SSPro will indicate the current monitoring status.


To view logged data, simply start SSPro as before and select a desired category. Once you have selected a category to view, select the activity date and machine to view the logged activity. Most users will only have one machine available from their dropdown box. From these screens users can view screen snapshots (if available), print log files, and set certain monitoring options.


It is suggested that you change the SSPro password from the default to one of your choosing. Be sure to remember your password. If you forget or misplace your password, you will need to re-install SSPro to regain access to the program.

To uninstall SSPro click on the settings menu option from within the program. In the "Security & Access" section click the "Uninstall SSPro" button. You may need to restart your machine after un-installation has been completed.

For more help please refer to our FAQ and Support pages.